LRX Moon Cube

LRX Moon Cube

LRX Moon Cube

The customer can install the lights of their choice right off their package truck to reduce their cost. A typical installation could include: four 20K’s or four - 9 light Maxi’s or four 18K’s etc. and still leave enough room to install colour correction filters.

Once the lights are mounted, the one piece silk can be easily installed.

The standard box measures (10' X 10’ X 10’) or a short box (10’ X 10’ X 6’) is also available for windy days.

LRX Moon Cube

Directing the moon cube is easy with its powered 360-degree remote rotation; this combined with the crane's reach and rotation makes for an unbeatable combination to provide an excellent ambient light source.

The Moon box can also provide higher light densities and is less susceptible to environmental conditions (wind) than balloons or other methods. Customer supplied black panels can also be added to the individual sides as required to reduce unwanted spill.

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